CDA Slammers FC is proud to work with Soccer.com for all of our uniform needs.

Uniform Branch Coordinators


How do I order my player’s uniform?

Each team manager submits their completed  CDA Slammers Team Uniform Template (Player First & Last Name, Email, Phone and Jersey #) to their respective CDA Slammers FC Branch Uniform Coordinator.

From there the rosters are imported into the Soccer.com database. Once the players have been added into Soccer.com, each player will receive a unique email with instructions on how to place their order online.

Within the email there is a direct link for them to click on. That will take them directly to their custom order page. It is important to use these links as this is the only way CDA Slammers FC can track your order and to insure that you are receiving the correct gear and jersey number.

How long are these uniforms good for?

Each set of uniforms that we purchase is on a 2-year cycle. The current cycle we are on is 2018-2020. In Spring of 2020 we will go into a new cycle (2020-2022) and receive new uniforms.

What do I do if I need to return an Item?

If you need to return or exchange a NON-customized item please contact customer service to complete your return or exchange. If you have a customized item, meaning it has a logo or a number on it then Soccer.com does not accept returns or exchanges for these items. If you feel that these items were shipped damaged or incorrect please contact soccer.com for further assistance.

Please Note: Our CDA Slammers FC Uniform Branch Coordinators do not handle returns or exchanges.

What is included in the Uniform Package?

CDA Slammers FC has a Home Kit and an Away Kit.

Home Kit- Maroon (Required)

  • Nike Challenge II Jersey – Maroon
  • Nike Venom Woven Short – Maroon
  • Nike Classic III Sock – Maroon

Away Kit-  Black (Required)

  • Nike Challenge II Jersey – Black
  • Nike Venom Woven Short – Black
  • Nike Classic III Sock – Black

Practice Training Top (Required)

  • Nike Legend Poly Top – Dark Grey

Goalkeeper Jersey (Required for GK’s Only)

  • Nike Park III GK jersey- Lime Green, Black or Grey


  • Nike Academy Backpack- Black

CDA Slammers FC Fan Gear

We are excited that this year we will have our own custom CDA Slammers FC Fan Gear for our families and friends. Visit our Fan Store today.